75point3 - Mortgage

How can we help? Introducing 75point3 Our team has already helped thousands of people like you to find suitable, competitive mortgages. We are independent, so we can consider the whole of the market, and we are well qualified and experienced, so we can guide you through one of the biggest decisions you can make. With our help, you’ll be confident making your choice. We are ready to help We are independent financial advisers with many years of experience We know mortgages can seem intimidating, but we are approachable and friendly We tailor our advice to you whether you’re an individual or a business We are not tied to one lender, so can consider the whole of the market We are here to help you every step of the way First time buyer Arranging a mortgage for the first time needn’t feel daunting. We’ll take you through the process, help you find a suitable deal – including any government-backed assistance – and guide you each step of the way. Moving home Whether you need somewhere bigger or you want to downsize, moving home can be a stressful time. But with our help, finding an appropriate mortgage deal won’t be a hassle – and that makes the whole move easier to handle. Switching mortgages Why put up with your current deal when could save money by switching? We have access to the whole mortgage market and will help you shop around, potentially cutting your monthly payments or freeing up funds you can use elsewhere. Mortgages for landlords Whether you’re just starting out as a landlord or you already rent out some property, our friendly team has the advice you need. We’ll stay with you as you build your portfolio, helping you steer clear of any pitfalls along the way. Self-build projects If your heart’s set on building your dream home, you don’t want to get bogged down in the finance. We help you tackle this specialist area, find a suitable mortgage and set you free to concentrate on the build itself. Later life and equity release Your home can be an important asset if you need to raise money later in life, but with so many options you need to tread carefully. We are experts in this area and can help you navigate lifetime mortgages and equity release without worries. Commercial mortgages Whether you’re buying a business property or releasing value from an existing building, our specialist team gives you the help you need. These bespoke products require expert advice, and you can rely on us to look after your business. Protecting your new mortgage When you take out a mortgage, it’s important to make sure you, your family and your business are protected against life’s uncertainties. So we’ll guide you through a range of protection products that could suit your situation.