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75point3’s Expertly Designed Training Course Produces Two Newly Qualified Advisers at 75point3 Chartered Financial Planners.

Aug 2023

In a testament to the excellence of Kim Knight’s meticulously crafted training course, 75point3 Chartered Financial Planners proudly celebrates the achievements of two newly qualified advisers, Kathleen Lunn and Charlotte Thomas, who have successfully completed their Financial Planning Diplomas from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The success of these advisers reflects the culmination of Kim’s expert guidance, with Kathleen and Charlotte standing as shining examples of the program’s impact.

Kathleen Lunn, a talented Trainee Financial Planner, joined 75point3 as a graduate just over a year ago and has since displayed exceptional dedication and expertise. Fluent in Welsh, Kathleen’s passion for serving the local community in North-West Wales has been bolstered by her language skills, making her ideally suited to provide comprehensive financial advice to clients in the region. Under the mentorship of the highly qualified and experienced Chartered Financial Planner, Tracy Brookes, Kathleen’s relentless drive and Tracy and Kim’s guidance have paved the way for this significant milestone in her career.

Joining Kathleen in this momentous achievement is Charlotte Thomas, another exceptional team member. Having gained vast experience with the firm over many years, Charlotte worked closely with Chartered Financial Planners on some of the most complex cases the business handles. Her decision to upskill and deal with customers directly is a testament to her ambition and determination. With our expertly designed training course and guidance from her line manager, Chartered Financial Planner, David Jones, Charlotte has honed her skills and deepened her financial planning knowledge, setting a high standard for her future career at 75point3.

75point3’s training course delves deep into the core principles of the financial planning industry, encompassing a comprehensive curriculum and rigorous assessments.  The trainees undergo intensive training, gaining insights into financial planning principles, investment strategies, and risk management. With a hands-on approach, each adviser receives personalised attention, nurturing Kathleen’s and Charlotte’s strengths and addressing areas for improvement.

Stephen Jones, the Managing Director at 75point3, expressed his delight, stating, “We are immensely proud of Kathleen and Charlotte’s accomplishments. Their successful attainment of the Financial Planning Diploma is a testament to our firm’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting professional growth. With expert guidance, they have emerged as well-qualified advisers, equipped to provide top-tier financial services to our valued clients.”

The impact of the training program extends beyond the classroom, with the newly qualified advisers, Kathleen Lunn and Charlotte Thomas, poised to make a meaningful difference in the financial planning industry. With mentorship, 75point3’s commitment to professional development, and the unwavering dedication of these two advisers, the future of financial planning in North-West Wales and beyond is exceptionally promising.

As Kathleen and Charlotte embark on this new phase of their careers, they eagerly look forward to providing expert financial advice, assisting clients in achieving their financial goals, and upholding the high standards set by our transformative training course. With their language skills, and profound knowledge, they are ready to make a lasting impact in the financial services sector, guided by the principles of excellence and integrity instilled by 75point3 Chartered Financial Planners.

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