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75point3 Financial Advisers Renews Corporate Chartered Financial Planners Status for a 14th Year.

Apr 2023


North Wales based financial advisers, 75point3, is proud to announce the renewal of its corporate Chartered Financial Planners status, highlighting its commitment to providing high-quality, researched-based financial advice to its clients.

Chartered status is a prestigious title that is not awarded lightly and is a public declaration of the quality of the advice provided by a firm. The Chartered Financial Planners status demonstrates that 75point3:

  • Provides advice of the highest quality to its clients
  • Offers advice that is based solely on the researched needs of its clients
  • Ensures its advisers are competent and do not exceed their level of expertise

As a Responsible Member for the firm, Managing Director Stephen Jones outlined the importance of ensuring that these commitments are met, and the significance of belonging to a genuine, acknowledged profession. The Chartered Financial Planners status signifies that the firm’s staff, are members of the CII, are governed by a Code of Ethics and undertake annual CPD. It also highlights that disciplinary sanctions are applied to those who transgress.

“We are thrilled to renew our Chartered Financial Planners status and continue to provide high-quality financial advice to our clients,” said Mr. Jones. “This status reflects our commitment to professionalism and providing the best possible service to our clients.”

The renewal of the corporate Chartered Financial Planners status demonstrates 75point3’s commitment to professionalism, providing high-quality financial advice, and enhancing the reputation of the financial planning industry.

For more information on 75point3’s corporate Chartered Financial Planners status, please visit